Penelope Gray

Penelope Gray

Writer, Programmer, Photographer, Coffee Enthusiast

Penelope writes articles for Kurdish Struggle, with the help of the fact checking and research team. Penelope also is on the programming and coding team at Kurdish Struggle, maintaining this website and building webapps for it (just look at Penelope’s GitHub!).

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When asked, “May I ask you why you support this cause [the Kurds] so much?” Penelope replied:

I first heard about Rojava some years ago as being this wonderful democratic egalitarian project that is more democratic and egalitarian than any system in the west, even. And what was so interesting about it is that they were doing it in a place where democracy and equality don’t exactly shine.

But after I started reading up on Rojava, the Kurds, I became to feel empathy for their struggle broader than just some political ideology. But it really came full circle for me. I began talking to Kurdish natives some time ago and it reaffirmed how powerfully beautiful a movement it was when you consider the Kurds have always been such an oppressed people, culturally traumatized by their treatment everywhere, continuously genocided and mistreated. Most people who are treated this way become monsters. But the Kurds? They set out to establish that project of democracy and egalitarianism, not just for them but a safe haven for all and a bastion of egalitarianism and democracy for all peoples.

Every time I see a video of a Kurdish parent mourn their dead children I cry. These people simply want to live a happy, peaceful life. That’s all they’ve ever wanted. Their struggle resonates with me. I want the Kurds to be free and I want their project to succeed.